I Have a Dream!



We are idealists and futurists dreaming of a world that embraces peace and joy, where there will be no conflict, no war, no disease or sickness and where all that is negative and harmful dissolves as good.

In the seventies, Latacarta served the hippies, in the eighties, the yuppies and in the nineties, the business world. Currently, natural food and cuisine has become so popular that New Hampshire College has accepted us as part of their culinary division as an associates degree college program named "The Monadnock School of Natural Cooking and Philosophy". Natural foods is no longer reserved for those with special intellects or the so-called true believers. Our missions has reached its final stage.

We live by the laws of Nature that present perfection through all creation. The products of nature bring health and harmony to our lives. To promotes its merit and show our gratitude, we will take the challenge of bringing natural, healthful food to all the people of the world; to raise consciousness through partaking of its bounty and teaching natural methods of cooking and philosophy.

Our goal is to create an environment where we can prepare natural food and serve it to all who need or desire it at a reasonable price or less, if the need may be, and to teach the skills and knowledge that we have been given.


Humankind has developed civilization and culture according to their own desire. Their development and improvement has explored almost every level with regard to the material aspect of life. At the same time, humans have cut off their close relationship to nature and have mainly directed the destruction and pollution of our planet.

In order to correct this course, we must return to the basics and the origin and search for a natural way, a science that makes earth the priority The cosmic laws are always revealed as Love, Harmony, Unity (oneness) and Naturalness as the way of creation by the Creator. Our cooking practice seeks to embrace and exercise these cosmic laws.

We choose natural and organic food, cut by hand and cooked by fire, avoiding the so-called convenience methodology of machines. We train ourselves until we can cook naturally and skillfully. Our guide is inspiration. An individual chef or cook's cooking will result differently according to their understanding of cosmic philosophy. We respect this difference. It is what we call Epicurean Collage, the name we have given to our style of cooking.

Food should be delivered to a person by the shortest and most direct means. Fancy processes and services are not natural. The most important consideration is how well the food nourishes the person and harmonizes his or her body with nature.

We have established educational guidelines based on our study and experience over the past thirty years. They are included in the Monadnock School for Natural Cooking and Philosophy Course Guidelines.


Natural food plays an effective role in people's health and the awakening of the new consciousness. Nature presents harmony and unity; therefore the products of nature provide health and attunement to the natural vibration: inspiration. Taking in natural food, which is whole, will gradually reduce your amount of food intake, so you may eat less. Your immune system will improve and you will develop a true healing ability within yourself.

Natural food is grown easily without fertilizers or chemicals. If you grow it by yourself, it costs less and touching the soil helps you recover your natural senses and feeling. If open and resting land is naturally utilized, enough food can be raised to feed the whole community.

We wish to build a model community by establishing a place where we can serve natural, organic meals and train natural foods chefs and cooks who will spread their knowledge and love of nature throughout the world.

We hope you are interested in our work and will join in our endeavor.


Dear Awakened Soul,

The world changes arise quicker and faster. It gets worse, then better. As planet earth evolves, so do all living things upon her. Yes, we as humankind do too. The Creator embraces the planet earth with His love and graces her evolvement.

The newly evolved earth has received a new consciousness. She has been reborn. She will dreww herself anew and she will give birth to all of her creations with a new consciousness. The minerals, plants and animals know the truth and await the day of great change as they wait for humankind's awakening.

The awakening of humankind is so important. For among all creation on the planet, only humankind has been given free will. Free will is like the steering in a car, as it will determine the direction one will take. When humankind awakens to the truth, mother earth will reveal her new self and all living things will be directed to the new planet. After the planet has developed a new nature, an evolved humankind will construct a new world of love, peace and harmony.

Dear awakened brothers and sisters; we must reveal a new consciousness to make this transformation smoother and quicker. It is exciting that we will explore a new world with a new consciousness.

Let us create a consciosness revolution

Reconnect with Nature
Return to Nature
Return to 0 point
Return to the Creator's Mind.

Develop spirituality,
Offer a prayer,
Listen to your inner voice.

Heal disharmony
Adjust to the way of Nature
Dissolve karma.

Exercise a natural way of life in our
living, eating and other daily matters.
Develop cosmic science and culture.

Goal: Construct a New World
Awaken to the truth
Dissolve karma
Return to the Origen.

My suggestions and inspirations are written above. I would be happy to discuss these matters at any time and exchange ideas and comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and prayer,

Hiroshi Hayashi
PO Box 123
Peterborough, NH 03458







P.O. Box 123
Peterborough, NH 03458